Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mormon Gordon Gecko

As I dip my toe back in the shallow 2012 election waters I think it is appropriate to examine Mitt's record as a businessman at Bain capital.  I will leave aside for the moment the fact that he is one generation removed from a polygamist or that his father was born in Mexico (wonder why?). And I will certainly not bring up the fact that he dug up his dead in laws to "baptize" them or that he is actively working to undermine evangelical Christians and has given millions of dollars to spread Mormonism around the globe. Or his profound love of animals.  No, no, today we are going to discuss his singular qualities as a moral business man full of integrity and an old fashioned work ethic.  That is if your work ethic consists of colluding with other rich people to drive a century old business into the ground and fire over 700 people.  As my favorite Christian warrior, Rick Santorum, said,  "Mitt Romney is a vulture capitalists who created nothing."  A few facts about the great businessman at Bain Capital.

-In  1993 Bain capital purchases a steel company that has been in business for 103 years for $8 million.
-The company, now GST trust, issues $125 million in Bonds and pays out a $35 million dividend directly to Bain capital.
- In 1995 GST trust, which has been leveraged to the hilt, and has a debt of $378 million is placed in bankruptcy.  The steel company is shuttered with over 700 workers losing their jobs, health insurance and pension.
-Mitt Romney nets over $12 million out of GST trust

Here is the best part of this deal.  After Mitt and the boys have destroyed a fine American company that produced steel rods so they could get personally rich; guess who had to cover the health insurance and pension cost of the workers?  That is right!!!!  It was you and me, the taxpayers of America who had to step in and clean up after Bain capital put GST in bankruptcy.   What a great businessman Mitt Romney is!

I know how much Republicans hate "government bailouts" and they would never vote for a man who ran a company precisely to leverage it into bankruptcy so the government would pick up the pieces.  Oh well, at least we can be comforted by his love of Jesus and his Christian values........................or the fact that he was seduced by the devil and is in a cult.  Oh, well,  at least he is a Republican!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If you think Reagan was a great President this is what you believe in

Facts can be tricky things to deal with. You can build up an image of a person in your mind and be told that he represents "morning in America" and stood up for "American values." To get a clear understanding of who Ronald Reagan was, (as a President who enacted, promoted and signed legislation, not as a "symbol") then we must study his record.

1. Reagan increased taxes to deal with a soaring budget several times. (sounds like a socialist)

2. Reagan repeatedly raised the national debt limit. (I guess he might also be a commie)

3. Reagan signed into law a bill granting amnesty to millions of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. (He must hate America and "people who play by the rules."

4. Reagan oversaw an increase in the size and spending of the Federal government. (If government is the problem, why would he increase the size of the government?)

If those aren't enough facts to make you question your political beliefs let us look at what he did as Governor of California.

1. He enacted what was at the time the largest state tax increase in U.S. history. (more taxes!)

2. As governor he signed into law one the most permissive abortion laws in the country. (but I thought he was a Godly man?)

3. He blocked the creation of a highway that would have linked Fresno with Mammoth. (He hates jobs and loves the environment!) Environmental wacko!!

If we look at Ronnies personal life (and it's fair game when you invoke morals and God in your speeches) he also left his long in the tooth first wife for the younger, prettier model. (Like John McCain, Newt, etc)

So when you say that Reagan was your favorite of President what you are really saying is that you love a guy that increased the deficit, raised the debt ceiling, gave millions of illegals a free pass, raised taxes, favors abortion, broke his marriage vows, blocked highway construction for the "environment" and INCREASED the size and scope of the Federal Government. These are the facts on the great Ronald Reagan. I know, I know, it might take a couple of days to set in that you are in favor of such a left-wing liberal. But guess are.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did a candidate for Senate really just say, "I am not a witch'?

"I am not a witch"
-Christine O'Donell

The one thing that I love about Republicans is their belief in good "family values" and traditional morality. That is why they would never rally around a professed "dabbler" in witchcraft who's idea of a good time in high school was holding hands upon a satanic alter. They would never put an exposed liar (caught 3 times lying about college) or an out-of-work certified nut-job who believes that we are breeding mice with human brains as their Senate candidate. The Republicans would never do that, right..............right?

Monday, June 7, 2010

The words of James Madison

What would James Madison and the founding fathers think of the modern day tea party movement? What would they think of American citizens "protesting" a democratically elected President and undermining his agenda at every turn? What would he think of a movement that borrows it's name from protesting taxation without representation? To answer these questions I went back and read the Federalist papers and came upon these words:

"the latent causes of factions are sown in every man, and we see them everywhere brought into different degrees of activity, according to the different circumstances of civil society. A zeal for different opinions concerning religion, concerning government, and many other points have in turn divided mankind into parties, inflamed them with mutual animosity, and rendered them much more disposed to vex and oppress each other than to co-operate for the common good."
-James Madison
Madison went out of his way in his writings to warn of the destructive nature of letting passion and enthusiasms shape people's thinking and thus viewing the world in an us versus them mentality. We have all at one point spent much more time trying to "vex" or oppress each other rather than work for the common good. What would Madison think of us?

Friday, June 4, 2010

The 4th time is the charm.......

I just want to say a quick congratulations to the beacon of integrity, Rush Limbaugh, on his fourth marriage. This mountain of a man is a shining example of conservative values and tradition and is getting married to thirty-three year-old woman. Now, some peoples head would explode with the knowledge that a fifty-nine year old drug addict is getting married for the fourth time to a woman who is 26 years younger than him but those people just don't get Rush. They are just people who judge him on his actions (like sending out his maid to score drugs for him) and not on his words. I prefer to judge Rush on his words and really value his opinions on things like integrity, commitment, honesty and being a man of his word. I just don't understand why we live in a world where we don't all clap with glee when Rush tells us who the good people and who are the bad people in the world. So what if he has broken his sacred marriage vows three times, popped thousands of illegal drugs in his mouth, and eaten himself into obesity? Those are just his actions, judge the man on his words!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another prominent Christian caught with a male prostitute

George Rekers, a co-founder along with James Dobson of the "Christian" Family Research Council, was caught returning form a ten day trip to Europe with a male escort that he found on Once again we have an example of more hypocrisy from the Family Research Council. Rekers is on record stating that the 20 year-0ld escort because of recent surgery and "I can't lift luggage." He also went on to claim that although he did meet this 20 year-old on he only learned that he was a prostitute midway through his trip.

Rekers wrote a book entitled: "Growing up straight: what families should know about homosexuality and recently testified in Florida against gay adoption.

So yet another anti-gay activist is proven to be a closeted homosexual who actively works against his nature. These clowns resemble the priest who flogs himself in The Scarlet Letter.

A couple of questions for my readers who have the courage to answer:

1) Do you believe that homosexuality is a sin?
2) Are people born gay?
3) Do you support gay marriage?
4) Why is the church so full of closeted homosexuals?

My answers:
1) NO
2) Yes, ask any high-school teacher
3) YES
4) The church is an outdated and archaic belief system that uses magic and superstition to enforce societal norms and to punish that which society deems taboo.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Catholic Church aka La Cosa Nostra

The RICO laws were put in place in the 1980's as a tool that the federal government could use to go after the hierarchy of organized crime. The law recognized that the power structure of the mafia was successful because it functioned to protect felons from the crimes that they committed. The different "families" colluded to protect each other and elude the law. All of the problems were handle internally and the police were never brought in to solve the family business. The Catholic church behaves the exact same way as they have eluded the law and enlisted an archaic fear based system of belief to enable them to continue to commit crimes. Not one priest, nor the vatican, has been held accountable for the molestation of children. The man at the top, the pope, should be arrested and charged with covering up hundreds of priests who repeatedly molested children. What attorney will have the moral courage to bring this man to justice? At least in the mafia they know what to do with child molesters..............